Adult Sites Hacked, 412 Million Customers Exposed

Adult Sites Hacked, 412 Million Customers Exposed

The biggest hack of of 2016 is revealed, and it’s really huge. In reality, it is almost as large as the Yahoo half-billion user hack of 2014 that we only just learned all about. Which could shock you considering that one adult that is involved.

Data on almost 340 million users had been taken through the alternative dating internet site alone. Additional had been released off their FriendFinder Networks sites. 62 million from movie chat web site Another 7 million from Roughly 2.5 million more off their domain names.

In total, significantly more than 412 million user documents had been taken. In addition to the staggering amount of victims additionally the painful and sensitive nature regarding the activity taking place at AdultFriendFinder, there’s another troubling information about that hack. Most of an individual information was saved as simple text.

This means email addresses, passwords, as well as other details are totally exposed. Also clients whom think they would cut ties with AdultFriendFinder have already been caught making use of their pants down. Deleted reports remained listed among the list of ones that are active that they had merely been flagged.

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Bad Password Choices

It might seem that users could be a little more careful whenever selecting passwords for a website like AdultFriendFinder. Which couldn’t be further through the truth. Almost a million users went with 123456. 600,000 stopped at 12345. Another million added 7,8,9, and 0. Other popular — and very unwise — choices included password, qwerty, and iloveyou.

They are the type or type of passwords the youngsters into the film Hackers knew were overused long ago in 1995. Continue reading “Adult Sites Hacked, 412 Million Customers Exposed”